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  • 22 May 2024
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Release Notes

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May 21st

May 22nd, 2024 - release 1.158.0

⚡Converted Aura components to Lightning Web Components (LWC)

Compare to Aura components, LWCs offer better performance, maintainability and security. Therefore, several Aura components in OrderCentral were planned to be refactored to LWCs. 

In this release, the following LWCs replace the old Aura components:

  • Shopping Cart Widget Experience
  • Product Order
  • Payment Handler
  • Payment Flow Footer
  • Checkout Confirmation view
  • Checkout Payment Form
  • Checkout Shipping Form
  • Web Product Image Experience

We expect the user experience to be enhanced with these new LWCs.

💻 User interface changes

  • Changed the 'Clear All Filters' button in the product filter to a link
  • Removed prices in the Shipment Summary to emphasize the shipment information
  • Updated the fields and layout on the Account record page to display comprehensive Account details
  • Added Canadian states and mapped them to the Canada country in the Checkout Shipping Form, also enable VAT rules
  • Fixed the bug with an unchangeable combobox in the Shopping Cart Table on Safari and Firefox 
  • Fixed the bug causing non-stop loading when there is no page number in the Product Catalog
  • Fixed the bug where addresses were not saved in the Checkout Shipping Form
  • Fixed the bug where selected colors were not applied to the Web Category
  • Fixed the error with quality display and price calculation for grouped product in the Shopping Cart Item
  • Fixed the non-working “Place Order” button in the Checkout Confirmation View

⭐ Other fixes and improvements

  • Added caching to improve pricing performance
  • Fixed the “Attempt to de-reference a null object” error in Web Category
  • Renamed the category tree component to category menu to better describe its purpose.
  • Enabled programmatic clearing of catalog cache partition
  • Allowed plugin registrations for the Stock Level Provider
  • Fixed the bug of unable to change default settings in OrderCentral Settings
  • Fixed the focus issue when creating new field set
  • Added new field in shopping cart item to indicate if OrderCentral can calculate the price 
  • Added a trigger to prevent too many Account Pricebooks from reducing performance
  • Added a method to get the invoice path in Order History
  • Prevented an exception by setting discount to be 0% when the discount type is empty
  • Refactored sorting function in the Product Catalog

February 6th

March 15th, 2024 - release 1.154.0

🔽 Configured Category specific page

In this release, category pages for specific categories or sub-categories can be created in the the site builder.
The specific category page is directly related to a category or a sub-category, and saved with its own display settings independently. With configuration in Web category record page, the site page and the category will be connected together.

Configure specific page for Web Category

🛒 Sync of fields in shopping cart and web order

We added field set to enhance the sync of fields in shopping cart and web order.
After extra field set is added, a new logic brings the specific shopping cart fields to web order.

Configure Shopping Cart fields copied to a Web Order

💻 User interface changes

  • Added loading stencil for horizontal category menu.
  • Added shopping cart record form component to display more shopping cart information.
  • Added icon selector in Web Category Configuration for setting category icon easily.
  • Fixed incorrect image mapping of shopping cart item.
  • Fixed the bug of selecting wrong shopping cart.
  • Fixed non-filterable category bug.
  • Prevented showing shipment with no product in checkout screen.

⭐ Other fixes and improvements

  • Fixed tax calculation bug with adding notification to show error statement.
  • Fixed addressView component hardcoded ID in code base.
  • Changed shopping cart field name to be easier to understand.
  • Prevented sending meaningless validation exception emails.

January 16th

January 16th, 2024 - release 1.151.0

📑 Category navigation

In this release we made it possible to configure the category menu in such a way that buyers can be navigated to standard or custom product pages from anywhere where the category menu is located.

This allows you to build category specific pages which highlight specific information or have information organized differently then on other product pages so that you can guide your customers even better into finding the products they need.

⭐ Other fixes and improvements

  • Inform buyers that searching products based upon a text value needs more then 1 character
  • Fixed error in order history and order history widget when opened in the builder due to missing account
  • Fixed issue where category icons where not displayed in some scenario's
  • Improved support for pasting copied text phrases in product text filters
  • [API] Fixed issue when calling the product relationship endpoint for product without relationships
  • [API] Enabled default product sorting

December 19th

December 19th, 2023 - release 1.150.0

🍎 Added a new experience theme ('Lunet')

Since the beginning of OrderCentral we provided an Experience Template and Theme for quickly setting up a webshop using our components. Not much has changed in that setup until now. We are happy to announce that we introduced an entirely new Experience Theme. This allows you to still use all our out of the back shopping pages, but now wrapped into an entirely new style.


  • Desktop, tablet and phone support
  • Maximum desktop width to prevent too much inner whitespace on wide screens
  • Consistent colors and fonts throughout all our pages and components based upon the configured branding set
  • Display the product category menu throughout the entire shop
  • Global search embedded into the product category menu
  • Set different colors for the navigation menu, product category menu, main background and footer.

As part of the introduction of this new theme made many styling improvements for a consistent look and feel on the following pages:

  • order detail, order history, including the widget.
  • checkout
  • product detail
  • product list, tile and table view
  • shopping cart
  • product property and category filters

⬇️ Category filter improvements

  • Display icon in front of category dropdown menu
  • Added ability to hide product category breadcrumbs in the Catalog - Category Filters component
  • Prevent page reloads when filtering products by category
  • Additional styling improvements to the horizontal category menu

 { }  Headless API changes

  • Added ability to add the same product multiple times to a shopping cart
  • Filter out unpriced related products returned by the GetProductRelationships endpoint
  • Support for copying over date field values from Cart Item to Order Item by allowing an admin to configure date fields in the Shopping Cart settings

⭐ Other fixes and improvements

  • To prevent empty product pages we now display product tile, list and table placeholders when the product page (re) loads
  • Fixed issue where all shopping carts of a user where recalculated instead of the default one
  • Fixed issue where email errors could not be sent because of inactive org wide e-mail addresses
  • Added more details to error logs
  • Fixed divide by 0 exception which could occur when adding free (0.00) products
  • Fixed shopping cart recalculation issue after updating a shopping cart item
  • Added support for translating text values greater then 255 characters
  • Added OrderCentral specific record pages for Account, Contact, Shopping Cart and Web Order

November 23rd

October 23, 2023 - release 1.149.0

➗ Category specific pages (requires enablement for specific orgs by our support)

  • Added ability to select a specific category on the Catalog - Overview component in the builder
  • Added ability to select a specific category on the Catalog - Category Filters component in the builder
  • Added ability to select a different home page in the Catalog - Category Breadcrumbs component in the builder
  • Added ability to select different category drop down menu horizontal display variants on the Catalog - Category Filters component in the builder
  • Added ability to select the alignment and border properties on Catalog - Category Filters (LWC) component

⭐ Other fixes and improvements

  • Display translated titles in the Product Detail - Add To Cart component
  • Fixed issue where wrong price could be displayed for grouped products in the product detail page and product table
  • Fixed issue where in some cases the shopping cart did not load and loading spinner kept spinning.
  • Fixed issue where update cart item api did not use cart item pricebook to calculate prices

October 13th

October 13, 2023 - release 1.142.0

🔀 Headless API changes

Introduced a new set of endpoints:

  • Get, add, update and delete Shopping Carts
  • Add, update and delete Shopping Cart items
  • Checkout shopping carts

Other changes:

  • Empty product specification fields are now returned as an empty string ("") instead of "null"
  • Fixed issue where no product where returned when retrieving products from one pricebook after first retrieving products from another pricebook
  • Aligned various response code and formats with REST standards

💻 User interface changes

  • Automatically expand the order shipment on the checkout payment tab when there is just one shipment
  • Fixed the "Back to Cart" link in the Shopping Cart - Overview component
  • Changed Shipping Method label translation from using the OrderCentral Translation object to use the Shipment Delivery Method picklist translations (Translation Workbench)
  • Fixed issue where checkout shipping fields being prepopulated by an account picklist field were longer displayed
  • Fixed issue where product and addon labels were not translated on the checkout payment and order confirmation tab
  • Fixed issue where favorite products list no longer rendered in the Winter `24 release.
  • Improved responsiveness of quantity input to prevent it from shrinking when space decreases
  • Improved responsiveness of discount labels in the shopping cart to prevent it from overflowing when space decreases
  • Migrated the Catalog - Category Filters component to LWC so that it can also be used in LWR Experience sites.
  • Added ability to retrieve specific product fields through the product relationships API
  • Fixed issue where the Catalog - Product Overview component would reload products after focus is removed from a product property text search filter without typing in a value
  • Product specifications are now being translated into the users language

⭐ Other fixes and improvements

  • Fixed silent "attempt to dereference a null object" exception when retrieving a non existing shopping cart
  • Fixed issue where all shopping cart items were being passed into the TaxCalculator plugin instead of only the shopping cart items for the shipment the tax should be calculated for
  • Fixed issue where product category specific shopping cart column configuration could not be saved
  • Shipping costs are now being calculated one by one for each shipment record
  • Shipping address will no longer be populated on web order when it has multiple shipments
  • Added OrderCental Core permission set which contains all permissions required for viewing and ordering products
  • Fully migrated all references in the checkout shipping features and configuration from Web Order to Shipment object
  • Fixed issue where Product Code was no longer displayed on the product detail page
  • Replaced use of getSalesforceBaseUrl() by getOrgDomainUrl() for Winter `24 readiness
  • Web categories can no longer be deleted when they are referenced in OrderCentral settings.
  • Added ability to use a different pricebook then the one configured on the shopping cart when adding items through the API
  • Added missing `productCode` property for addon items being passed into the TaxCalculator plugin
  • Fixed issue where products did not load when the image file was removed

July 27th

July 27, 2023 - release 1.134

🔀Headless product api's

After releasing the headless catalog api's we continued to be able to query product details through are api.


  • Get product
  • Get product addons
  • Get product images
  • Get product options
  • Get product relationships

⭐ Fixes and improvements

  • Added ability to provide different delivery method select options per shipment
  • Added permission set for integration user
  • Fixed issue where product table filter button could be located behind column header
  • Fixed issue where checkout page openend if though initialization logic failed

July 24th

July 24, 2023 - release 1.133

🔀 Headless catalog api's

We introduced a way to expose your product catalog through an api. It provides a way to integrate with other systems or to build your own front end but still host all product and pricing logic within OrderCentral. Endpoints:

  • Get categories
  • Get all products from category

⭐ Fixes and improvements

  • Set custom validation messages in addons select windows when adding a product to the shopping cart
  • Fixed issue resizing issue when rendering shopping cart on large screens
  • Fixed null reference exception when sorting products by custom field 

July 6th

July 6th, 2023 - release 1.129

💲Single currency org support

It is now possible to install OrderCentral on Salesforce orgs without the multi currency feature enabled.

⭐ Fixes and improvements

  • Fixed incorrect displayed product count above the products list and tile view
  • Fixed backwards compatibility issue when shipping country and states were saved as labels instead of iso codes
  • Fixed product image overflow issue in checkout payment step shipment summary
  • Fixed url query params not being assigned for page number and sorting
  • Fixed issue where address tiles where not loaded in specific scenarios
  • Replaced country and states iso codes with labels in the checkout
  • Added spinner upon recalculating shipping costs when changing shipping address in the checkout
  • Fixed favorite icon being hidden in the product table on high resolutions

June 26th

June 26, 2023 - release 1.127

Multiple shipments are now completely embedded into the checkout proces. In both the shipping and payment step the buyers can identify which products will be shipped in which shipment and identify the costs for each shipment.

🚢 Multiple shipments (bèta)

The entire checkout experience has received an overhaul to support the display and configuration of multiple shipments in all checkout steps. Next to that tax amounts are being calculated per shipment .

🔽 Configure sorting on product table configuration

We added the ability to configure sorting on specific product specifications. For each category it is possible to configure a field on which needs to be sorted by default.

⭐ Fixes and improvements

  • fixed payment methods not being translated
  • replaced address country and state text fields by restricted picklists
  • fixed navigation issue for empty cart Back to cart link
  • fixed product table spinner not being hidden after category change or sorting (#1332)
  • fixed issue where in some cases the product table was not displayed after initializing the page
  • fixed exception during checkout when incorrect default shipping state and country where configured

June 6th

June 6, 2023 - release 1.126

This release is exists mainly out of fixes and improvements. Our current focus is still on enhancing the new multiple shipments per order functionality. A lot is coming up on this topic and will be released shortly. 

😎 Public product catalog

In our efforts to support guest user checkouts in the future we made some changes which allows you to publish your product catalog publicly. Users no longer have to be logged in to browse through your product catalog. They will have the same experiences as logged in users while searching and filtering your catalog as well as inspecting the product details.

⭐ Fixes and improvements

  • Map checkout shipping field default values to shipment object.
  • Assign default delivery method based on delivery method configuration 
  • We now set the product quantity to 1 in the catalog if the buyer does not have permissions on the web product default quantity field
  • Improved product loading feedback 
  • Made Account Pricebook Order field non unique
  • Improved display en editing of addition shopping cart item information
  • Shopping cart items that no longer have a prices will be deleted upon recalculation
  • Web product addon product name is now translated

May 9th

May 9, 2023 - release 1.125

The main goal was to support custom logic to generate multiple shipments.

✍️ Plugin for defining multiple shipments 

By default we create one shipment during the checkout. When it is necessary to create two based upon specific customer business logic we introduced a plugin mechanism to allow a developer to embed custom business rules to determine the shipments to create.

👨‍💻 Added buyer login flow

To support a better user experience we provide several features which will prepare buyer specific data on the moment they login. To make sure that when buyers open the product catalog or their carts the page loads quickly with the correct pricing information. These login flows can be attached to the buyer profiles. 

⭐ Fixes and improvements

  • fixed caching issue when switching between shop users while impersonating
  • render shopping cart summary fields defined in 2nd row of the summary layout section
  • added custom label and translations for validation errors while adding product to cart
  • fixed shopping cart not being displayed in orgs on Salesforce Summer `23 release
  • fixed issue where shopping cart was reloaded when user would remove cursor from item quantity without changing the value

April 25th

April 25, 2023 - release 1.124

Main focus the last few weeks have been on enhancing and building out our support for multiple shipments. 

🚢 Enhancement for multiple shipments

In order to be able to handle different delivery methods per shipment we isolated the logic to determine delivery methods to each shipment record displayed in the checkout. Next to that the buyers need to be able to identify which products will be related to a specific shipment. For this we introduced new UI elements which will list each shopping cart item related to a shipment.

Finally we added support for displaying multiple shipments during the checkout which are related to, and accessible, to the users shopping cart. Up next is the ability to extend our logic for generating shipments.

🛒 Add custom shopping cart summary fields

By adding fields to the **Summary** section in the shopping cart layout assigned to the buyers profile it is possible to control which fields are displayed as summarizing fields which will be located at the right bottom of the listed shopping cart items.

⭐ Fixes and improvements

  • Performance issue while loading products introduced while implementing multiple price books
  • Fixed issue when impersonating as different shop users did not purge cached user data which lead to unpredictable shop behavior
  • Fixed issue introduced after implementing multiple price books when listing recommended products
  • Fixed error in the related web products section on the web product record page

April 14th

April 14, 2023 - release 1.121

The last few weeks we have been building out the support for multiple pricebooks per account. Also we started building the foundations for introducing multiple shipments per order.

📖 Multiple price books per account (future paid feature)

To wrap up the MVP for multiple price books we made sure to only display addons to the buyers that have a price in the price book used to determine the price of the main product.

🚢 (Pilot) Multiple shipments per orders (future paid feature)

We introduced the data model for supporting multiple shipments per order. All shipping related information will now also be stored within this model as well as on the order.

🗒️ Read only product lists

Next to favorite lists which the buyer can control we also wanted to give the eCommerce Manager the ability to provide the buyers with preconfigured personalized lists. For this we introduced the ability to prevent users from removing products from these lists.

✍️ Configure custom redirects behind shopping cart buttons

To support redirects to custom pages / urls in the shopping cart we introduced two new attributes on the shopping cart component for configuring a custom page/url in the Site Builder so that the admin can have more control over to which page a user is redirected when clicking the Back to Catalog or Checkout button.

For more information click here.

⭐ Fixes and improvements

  • Prevent buyer from checkout when shopping cart item updates fail
  • Increased visibility of shopping cart item update validation error messages
  • Improved alignment of favorite icon in catalog table view
  • Replaced heart icon with recycle bin icon for removing favorites from favorite list
  • Added translatable label for the 'Search' placeholder in table view text search boxes
  • Fixed issue where popup for creating a shipping address was not closed after saving

March 28th

March 28, 2023 - release 1.120

The last weeks we have been working on making it possible for the buyers to create their own favorite product list. Next to that we also introduced the ability to automatically generate web product lists for your buyers.

❤️ Marking products as favorite

We added the ability for buyers to mark their favorite products. They will be able to access the list of favorite products and add them to the cart from there.

Learn more

📎Build auto generated buyer specific product lists

Next to the buyers being able to fill their own favorite product list it is also possible to automatically generate other types of buyer specific product lists. Like positioning most ordered products or the recently ordered products. Providing buyers a more easy way to order products.

Learn more

🌟 Bug fixes and improvements

  • Fallback on country VAT rule if their is no state specific VAT rule
  • Fixed UI issue in the checkout shipping address carousel
  • Performance enhancements

March 22nd

March 22, 2023 - release 1.119

This release includes some small fixes and ui enhancements. In parallel we are working on enabling multiple price books per account.

🌟 Bug fixes and improvements

  • Display shipping address record fields on order overview
  • Added country and state picklist on the shipping address record entry form
  • Fixed multiple quick add to cart button clicks to result in multiple shopping carts if there was no shopping cart record yet
  • Register price book on web order item used to calculate the price
  • Improved initial product page load by caching available products on login
  • Fixed hidden sub category menu item when hovering in a specific way
  • Fixed issue where user could click Place Order multiple times, which resulted in duplicated orders
  • Fixed default product filters not being loaded in the product catalog
  • Improved UX while hovering over specific category menu items

February 6th

February 6, 2023 - release 1.118

This release we shipped a new way how products in the catalog can be filtered to provide your buyer a more efficiënt way to find the products they need. 

✅Display product filters in checkbox groups

Instead of using dropdowns to display product filters based on picklist fields we now display them as checkbox groups which can be used simultaneously. This allows the buyer to see all possible filter options of a product specification at once. Next to that the buyer can also identify the number of products that match each filter option.

This will be automatically enabled once this version is installed

🔢Redesigned product catalog pagination

There were a few issues in the pagination in case there were a lot of products in a certain category. All possible page number were displayed. This could lead to numbers overflowing the containing box and unclickable numbers. Now we only display a maximum of 10 numbers. With a maximum of four preceding numbers and five proceeding numbers. Including a link to go to the previous page and the next page. 

🏷️Added product field label to selected filter badges

Previously it was possible to display an overview of selected product filters. However in some cases it could be that only the value did not make sense to the buyer. For this we added the label of the field in front of value to emphasize the kind of filter value.

🌟 Bug fixes and improvements

  • Fixed infinite loading issue while changing product view
  • Fixed issue where cart prices where not recalculated on login
  • Moved bread crumbs from sub category menu to top level category menu
  • Fixed issue where url was not always updated correctly when changing product list view type
  • Fixed shipping address record details not being displayed in the checkout payment step

January 20th

January 20, 2023 - release 1.115

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Fixed exception when translating delivery methods

January 6th

January 6, 2023 - release 1.114

Createable shipping addresses during checkout

When an user has create permissions on the OrderCentral address object buyers will have the ability to create their own address record during checkout. Which fields are being displayed in the address input form can be configured on the address layout that is assigned to the buyers profile. The user will need edit permissions on the address object account and type fields, but these fields will never be displayed. So that the user won't be able to assign the new address to a different account or select a different address type.

Add custom fields to shipping address object

Next to buyers being able to create new shipping address records OrderCentral now also supports adding custom fields to the address object so that buyers can view and edit additional information needed to ship the orders correctly. To add a custom field to the address input form add it to the layout assigned to the buyers profile.

Provide default ordering quantities in the product catalog

A new field called Default Quantity is added to the Web Product object. This field can be used to set a default quantity that is displayed in de quantity input field on the product list, table- and detail view. Without the buyers changing the quantity this quantity of the product will be added to set on the shopping cart item when buyers add the product to their cart.

Configure a guest contact on storefront configuration

To allow a more flexible Experience Building experience we introduced the ability to configure a default contact used for loading and rendering OrderCentral component (Product Catalog, etc.).

Administrator accounts are not related to a contact and account, due to which it was not possible to change the Pricebook used for displaying products while in the Experience Builder mode. OrderCentral used the Standard Pricebook by default. The Standard Pricebook always contains a price for each product that has a price at all (in other pricebooks). Therefor it could be hard to determine which products and categories would be displayed to buyers that had a different pricebook then the Standard one. This could lead to technical exceptions in case the Standard Pricebook contained 20.000+ products.

This can be configured by entering a contact id in the Guest Contact Id field found OrderCentral Settings Storefronts tab. The contact id can be obtained by opening the contact record and copy it from the url.

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Removed sub total rollup calculation for shopping cart items based on child shopping cart item sub totals
  • Removed sub total calculation for shopping cart items without a direct SKU relationship
  • Fixed incorrect web product titels being displayed in the addon selection pop up
  • Fixed incorrect display discount percentage in the product catalog view for grouped web products.
  • Fixed invisible product table when clearing all filters.

December 23rd

December 23, 2022 - release 1.113

Store prices on shopping cart items

From this release the product prices will be stored on the shopping cart items. This gives the option to use this data in custom business logic and build reports to identify the total potential revenue stored in shopping carts. To achieve this four new fields have been added:

Object Name    Field Name    Description
Shopping Cart Item Price after discountThe price after all discounts that have been applied to the price before discount
Shopping Cart ItemPrice before discountThe list price related from the accounts Pricebook related Salesforce Product record
Shopping Cart ItemSub TotalThe price after discount multiplied by the items quantity
Shopping CartSub TotalRollup of the sub total from all related shopping cart items

To make sure prices are being synchronized with any product pricing changes we exposed a custom apex controller which needs to manually configured in the storefront(s). How to do this can be found here: Ensure shopping cart price recalculation

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Fixed exception when adding a grouped product with a single option to a shopping cart
  • Concatenate web product option title with web product title after changing selected options
  • Fixed issue where, in some cases, shopping cart item quantity was not updated correctly

December 12th

December 12, 2022 - release 1.112

Override shopping cart table cell UI

In case different data needs to be displayed in the OrderCentral standard shopping cart columns we added the ability to override these columns and retrieve the additional information that needs to be displayed. Find out how here

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Underline selected category when displayed in a horizontal menu so that the buyer can quickly identify which category is currently selected
  • Custom field values for shopping cart items were not saved after buyer changed them
  • Fixed resizing issue in product table column headers
  • Use prepopulated account field when last order field is null while determining default shipping form values in checkout

November 23rd

November 23, 2022 - release 1.108

Added permission to hide discount details for user

We introduced hiding discount information from specific buyers. The discount information will be hidden by removing the View Discount custom permission from a profile or permission set related to a specific (set) of user(s).

Select and delete specific shopping cart items

We enabled the options for buyers to delete multiple or all shopping cart items at once. This can be enabled on the Shopping Cart Experience Builder component by checking the checkbox Show cart actions

Bug fixes and improvements

  • hidden shopping cart item addon prices
  • removed PRM feature dependency
  • shopping cart import table not rendering