Dynamic Checkout: Add fields to Checkout form
  • 01 Jul 2021
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Dynamic Checkout: Add fields to Checkout form

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Article Summary

If additional information is required besides the standard (address) fields there is the option to add fields from the account object to the form. You can do this by:

  1. Go to Salesforce Setup
  2. Search for Custom Metadata Types
  3. Click 'Managed Records' for custom metadata type 'Checkout Shipping Field'
  4. Add a new record by clicking the 'New' button
  5. Click 'Save' when values for the use case are entered

Field descriptions

LabelTextUser friendly name of the record
Checkout Shipping Field NameTextUnique technical name of the record
Web Order FieldTextThe field name of a web order field, not required if 'Prepopulated Account Field' contains a value
Prepopulated Account FieldTextThe field name of an account field, not required if 'Web Order Field' contains a value
OrderNumberUsed to display the shipping fields in order. The lower the number, the higher in the form it will be displayed
HideCheckboxWill hide the value in the ui
RequiredCheckboxAdds validation that a value should be entered
Read OnlyCheckboxWill prevent the value from being changed

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