Why is my product not visible?
  • 09 Sep 2022
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Why is my product not visible?

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You added a new product or activated it on an existing pricebook but it is not visible in the shop product catalog. That might be due to the following reasons:

  • Product IsActive field is unchecked
  • PricebookEntry IsActive field is unchecked
  • No PricebookEntry for the users currency
  • Web Product Active field is unchecked
  • Make sure custom picklist field values are active

If all of the above do not apply then it might be the catalog cache is not updated. In that case you will need to clear out the Catalog cache partitition.

  1. In the setup Quick Find search box type Platform Cache
  2. In the Platform Cache open the Catalog partition
  3. Click the Clear Cache button
  4. Logout of the shop and log back in

Now the specific product should be visible in the shop.