Welcome to OrderCentral
  • 21 Sep 2021
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Welcome to OrderCentral

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What do I need?

1. OrderCentral Package Installation

This installation path is intended for the installation of OrderCentral. Configuration of the package is the next step. Information on how to do detailed configurations can be found here.

2. Test CRM organisation

You can install this package directly in your CRM system. We recommend you to test run first in a sandbox, so you can show the results within your organisation and test the product and how it connects to your internal company processes.

If you are planning to test run OrderCentral you can request a developer sandbox and install the product afterwards via the AppExchange.

3. Licences

You need licences in order to be able to use, manage and view OrderCentral on your Product CRM environment. If you don’t have licenses yet or wish to add additional licenses you can contact us.

4. Overview

Your CRM environment (org) need to be prepared before installing the package. We make sure all settings are right so everything works.

How do I get started?

1. Prepare

Before you can start installing OrderCentral, a few preparations have to be made inside your CRM to ensure a smooth install.

2. Install

After preparing your CRM, the installation is only taking a few more moments.

3. Sharing and Security

Give the correct level of access to the right groups of people, to ensure a good working Commerce experience.

4. Sample Configuration

Before you can start to experience, use and style OrderCentral, the application need information about how you want to use your shop.


All set? Now it’s time to experience OrderCentral, available in your Salesforce CRM!

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